Information for Trainers and Stable Staff

Owners may of course now attend the race meeting and the registered owner of each runner will receive notification and details of the arrangements in place directly from us via Weatherbys accordingly. We continue to race strictly in accordance with the BHA-protocols agreed with the Government for the return of elite sports and there remains a badge-allocation of up to x4-per runner, all of whom must be pre-booked to attend by the registered owner, using the PASS-system, in accordance with the conditions stipulated by the BHA.

Please note that owners are admitted to a special Owners-Zone and all racing staff, including trainers, must remain separated in the Racing Green Zone, where the bio-security entry requirements are higher. People may not transfer between the zones.

This is in accordance with the Government’s present conditions for allowing the return of owners to race meetings. You will be able to communicate directly with owners across the barriers which separate the two zones. We include a graphic below of the enclosures’ layout to assist with orientation.


Please take note of the following points and share this information with your travelling stable staff and box drivers:


1. The Stable Yard Entrance & Box park is situated as per normal on Newsham Road and will open five hours before the first race and NOT before; the road adjacent to the yard entrance is narrow and there is NO safe waiting area outside the yard.

Please ensure all box drivers know and understand to time their arrival at the yard entrance itself for no earlier.

2. Upon arrival, to enter the Horsebox Park (which is in the ‘Green’ zone) all drivers and stable staff will be screened in accordance with BHA protocols, which means they should:

  • have been pre-registered as an attendee with the BHA
  • produce valid photo-ID
  • have undertaken and passed the online Racing2Learn Covid-19 training module
  • have completed the BHA medical questionnaire, which should have been be sent to their registered email address by BHA
  • present with a temperature no higher than 37.8C

3. It is important to note:

  • failure on any of the above points means NO ENTRY
  • if anyone in the vehicle fails their temperature check, then the vehicle and all persons who travelled in it will be sent back to their racing yard and the horses declared non-runners; we therefore advise that all personnel are temperature checked before departure from their racing yard
  • if anyone leaves the racecourse and intends to return they will be required to undergo the screening process again before being granted re-entry


4. The stable staff hostel and canteen is now open. If you require overnight accommodation for staff please book this by 13.00hrs (Wed 3rd September); the hostel capacity is presently x13-pacs and rooms will be allocated on a ‘first-booked’ basis. Unfortunately no staff aged U18 may stay overnight.

5. Any staff arriving the day before racing will be temperature tested before being allowed into the yard or the hostel. If anyone fails all those who travelled together will be sent back to their own yards and not permitted to remain on site.

We strongly recommend temperature checking at home before departure.

6. The canteen will not be operating the evening before racing and there is no communal lounge-facility permitted. Staff are required to remain socially-distant in their own rooms whilst in the hostel overnight.

7. Overnight guests who require access to the yard before the BHA EWIOs commence duty at five hours before the first race on race morning will again be temperature checked by racecourse staff before being allowed into the yard. Again, if anyone fails all those who travelled together will be sent back to their own yards and not permitted to remain on site.

8. Once the BHA EWIOs commence duty five hourse before the first race and all staff who have been present overnight will then be required to complete the formal BHA accreditation and screening.


9. In the canteen meals and snacks can be purchased during the raceday itself and complimentary teas and coffees are available for stable staff. There is limited, socially distant, seating available in the canteen which may be utilised to eat a meal and then should be immediately vacated.

10. The entrance for trainers, their representatives and jockeys is at the Premier Enclosure Entrance on Station Road, i.e. in the usual place. Please note all persons will be screened as per BHA protocols. Please note, however, this is not the entrance or parking location for owners. If they make enquiries directly of you, please direct your owners to proceed to the Owners Car Park, which is presently situated on the south side of Station Road and signposted accordingly.

11. Colours should be placed in a clear bag and labelled for the valets, then placed in the designated location outside the Chestnut Room; this is the building situated directly opposite the Weighing Room, on the other side of the Parade Ring, and currently being utilised as the male jockeys’ changing facility.

12. Trainers or their representatives are presently not permitted to enter the Weighing Room unless permission is granted by a BHA official.

13. Weighing in/out will take place as normal in the usual Weighing Room location. Saddle exchange with riders will take place in the designated location immediately outside the Weighing Room.

14. Please saddle-up using the designated Saddling-Up boxes, to avoid any unnecessary personnel entering the stable yard.

15. In addition to those staff leading-up, only 1 representative per stable is permitted into the Parade Ring with the jockeys and facemasks MUST be worn by everyone in the Parade Ring at all times.

16. The race may be watched live from the stands and will also be broadcast on the Big Screens in the Paddock and in front of the stands.

17. Only the winner will enter the Winner’s Enclosure after each race; no placed horses. The Winner’s Enclosure has now been relocated to the Parade Ring to allow the winning owners to get as close to their horse as is presently permitted under the regulations. All other runners will unsaddle and wash-down in the usual unsaddling location and return to the stable yard along the outside of the track itself, to avoid any crossing with horses coming from the yard for the next race. Please equip stable staff with their own buckets and scrapers for hygiene purposes.

18. Colours will be returned to the designated location outside the Chestnut once available.

19. Stalls tests are now permitted but limited to just x2 candidates for meetings with 9-races (and 5-candidates as normal for programmes with <9 races). These must be booked by 12-noon the day before racing. Access to the yard for horses attending for stalls tests will be determined by box availability (yard capacity is 113).

20. Travellers or companion horses may now be permitted into the stable yard, subject to box-availability (yard capacity is 113). This is strictly subject to pre-booking with the racecourse and producing the requisite animal’s passport for entry into the yard

21. Social distancing must be strictly observed and will be monitored by the BHA; transgressors may be fined by the BHA stewards.