2021 Annual Badge Scheme update

As you will be aware, the Prime Minister announced the Government’s planned ‘Roadmap’ out of lockdown on 22nd February and set several key milestones accordingly. The Roadmap laid out the earliest dates by when restrictions may begin to be eased, subject to the pandemic data showing the virus is under sufficient control; moreover it specifically referred to the return of sports events, which was helpful. Therefore, we now know the milestones that affect sports events in particular, the key ones being:

· Crowds may not return to sporting events before 17th May 2021 at the earliest;

· Such events occurring in the first phase of the return of limited crowds (i.e. from 17th May at the earliest) will be subject to continued Covid-19 restrictions and protocols, for a period of at least 5-weeks; and

· The earliest date from which such restrictions may be relaxed is 21st June 2021

The Thirsk Board has subsequently reviewed this information, within the context of Thirsk’s 2021 season. It was noted in particular that five of Thirsk’s fifteen scheduled 2021 meetings will take place before the earliest date at which Thirsk could conceivably host a limited crowd (i.e. before 17th May). Moreover, it was further noted that even if the Roadmap suffers no delays, at least two of Thirsk’s subsequent fixtures (in the first half of June) would be subject to restrictive Covid-19 operating protocols. Thus the Thirsk Board recognised that almost half of Thirsk’s 2021 fixture are already affected by the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and that any ‘slippage’ on the Government’s Roadmap to unlock the country will affect more fixtures.

To that end the Board has concluded, with regret, that Thirsk should suspend the annual badge scheme in 2021.

All existing annual badge-holders will receive a full refund accordingly. This will be done automatically where possible, however, where we need to contact you for additional details we will be in touch soon.

In due course we hope to advertise day-tickets and dining options for those fixtures on which we may be permitted to welcome a crowd, limited or otherwise. We will post updates to this effect on our website and email our customer database when appropriate. If you wish to subscribe to our newsletters please visit this link on the our website.

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