Horse Welfare

Horse Welfare

Responsibility For The Care Of Our Animals

Horseracing in Britain is one of the world’s best regulated animal sports.

Responsibility for the care of our animals rests with everyone in our sport and something we take very seriously at Thirsk.

From the people who independently govern and regulate racing, through to racecourses, the sport’s participants and the 6,000 stable staff whose role it is to care for the 20,000 + horses who race over the course of a year, British horseracing is run by people with a deep love and care for horses.

We have a common objective when it comes to welfare. We want The British Racing Industry with transparent, world-leading standards of equine care for the whole life of our horses.

Horse Welfare

Who is British Horseracing Authority (BHA)

The British Horseracing Authority is the Government-recognised body responsible for the independent regulation of horseracing and welfare of all participants. None of the fixtures held annually in Britain could take place unless key BHA welfare criteria have been satisfied.

You can find out more about British Racing’s commitment to horse welfare by visiting their website: .